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counselling & Clinical supervision

I treat children, youth, adults, couples and families wishing to improve their relationships with loved ones whether they are healing from a mental health concern themselves or wanting to learn how to effectively support a family member who is.

I also offer professional (and certified via the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association) clinical supervision to counselling students and clinicians seeking mentorship, specialized training and supervised hours for certification with their professional body or college. I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor Supervisor and can be reached at for immediate consultation.

I am currently providing clinical supervision to other clinicians, group meditation and psychoeducational programs, and private sessions. Please phone or email me to learn more about how I work, my fee schedule, and what to expect.

Communities Served: Yellowknife, Behchoko, Tulita, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Iqaluit, Qikiqtarjuaq &Pangnirtung

EMDR Basic Certificate: Specifically designed to comprehensively and effectively heal the brain from trauma as developed by Francince Shapiro and proven in countless trials with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Neurosequential Model Training Level 1: An effective model of treatment to help support the developing brain from infancy to adolescence as it adjusts and recovers from early adverse experiences. It is a holistic model integrating early childhood development knowledge with neuroscience

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Informed Practice (1 year extended supervision): 64 skills spanning from core mindfulness to emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness skills especially suited to those suffering from complex PTSD, Borderline traits, suicidality and severe trauma

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I have a Master’s Degree of Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University (2015) and have been practicing as a counsellor for the past 12 years. I have specialized in the treatment of mental disorders as defined by the Diagnostic Statistic Manual IV & V, including addictions, post traumatic stress disorder (simple and complex) and attachment disorders. 

I also have a background in counselling children and youth with difficulties at school, making friends and struggling with anxiety or mood difficulties.

I am passionate about healthy relationships and providing prevention, intervention and postvention therapy for those impacted by intergenerational abuse as a result of colonialism and have 9 years of experience treating the complications of institutionalized betrayal, domestic violence, addictions and recidivism in the criminal justice system.

I have had the honour of treating both male and female survivors of sexual, physical and psychological abuse as well as female and male perpetrators of domestic violence. It is a privilege to be able to offer support and new ways of thinking in solving problems for those willing to stop and/or exit out of the cycle of violence.

I provide both informal and formal sessions depending on the needs of the client and their unique treatment plan. 

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Assessment: As a clinician, I work with you to define your treatment goals and utilize a variety of measures in order to accurately gauge which treatment modality is the best fit for your concerns to enhance your quality of life.

Treatment Planning & Intervention: Once we have identified what is going well and what could be better, I work closely with you as an equal stakeholder in your wellness plan and apply interventions that are well thought out, clinically justified and comfortable for you.

Collaboration for Follow-Up Care: As our course of therapy continues, I work with you to generate continuous and ongoing natural and professional supports that will complement our work together. This is to ensure that once your therapy goals are met and counselling comes to a close, you have a well organized and easy-to-follow maintenance plan that can support you in your recovery and provide a sense of mastery and closure onthe work you have done.




Information & referral specialist, DTES, Vancouver, BC


victim and offender program coordinator, AB


walk-in counselling team lead, AB              Long-term domestic violence treatment


clinical director of re-creation healing, Yellowknife, NT & communities in nunavut


journey of healing & journey of change group facilitator, AB



Jessica helped provide the insight, emotional guidance and practical knowledge on how to recover from major addiction and anger issues I'd been harboring since I wasa kid. I didn't know how my stuff had been impacting relationships in my life, I just knew I had lost a lot of people and I didn't know why. Working with her helped me have a better understanding of how I could help myself change and I'm grateful.


I had been struggling with secrets and masks a lot of my life. I didn't want to continue to go down the path I'd seen the rest of my family go down. I wanted to learn better communication skills, how to be with myself in a good way so I could pass that down to my kids. I'm glad I talked to her and I feel more connected with other healthy families. I count mine as one of them now.


I wasn't sure where to go when I called Jessica but she was always calm, open and kind with me. Her knowledge on people and how to recover from intergenerational patterns of abuse helped me understand what to do. I can't thank her enough for just being with me and reassuring me I wasn't crazy. Deciding what to do and how to rebuild your life after abuse is hard work, and I blamed myself a lot. She kept encouraging me not to give up. She knew I could do it even when I didn't.


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Yellowknife, NT (in-person, phone, video)

Iqaluit, NU (video, phone)

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